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Lown Properties
Office Address
P. O. Box 888
San Angelo, TX  76902
Phone (325) 374-8658
Contact Email jwlown@gmail.com
Gold Key Realty
Office Address
5518 Meadow Dr
San Angelo, TX  76903
Phone (325) 655-3370
Fax (325) 655-3370
Contact Email cstur96989@aol.com
Website http://www.goldkeyrealty.net
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Larry Jr. Appraisals
Office Address
P.O. Box 60113
San Angelo, TX  76906
Phone (325) 234-2383
Fax (325) 277-8779
Contact Email larryjrappraisals@suddenlink.net
Don Speer, REALTOR
Office Address
11989 West Dove Creek Lane
San Angelo, TX  76904
Phone (325) 947-2575
Fax (325) 947-1446
Contact Email dspeer@wcc.net
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Hice Real Estate
Office Address
1934 Hutchings Ave
Ballinger, TX  76821
Phone (325) 365-3814
Fax (325) 365-5485
Contact Email franceshice@aol.com
Website http://www.hicerealestate.com
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Louis Rork Real Estate
Office Address
231 W. Beauregard
San Angelo, TX  76903
Phone (325) 653-5765
Fax (325) 658-3224
Contact Email lrorkrealtor@verizon.net
Website http://www.louisrorkrealestate.com
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Shawn Box Real Estate
Office Address
4645 Southland
San Angelo, TX  76904
Phone (325) 949-0804
Fax (325) 227-4216
Contact Email sboxrealestate@aol.com
Website http://www.shawnbox.com
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Shawn Box Real Estate
Elliott Appraisal
Office Address
9698 E. Carlsbad Loop
San Angelo, TX  76901
Phone (325) 653-9005
Fax (325) 653-9005
Contact Email lwe02@msn.com
Website http://lewiswayneappraisal.com
Main Street Realty
Office Address
215 E. Main St
Sonora, TX  76950
Phone (325) 387-6115
Fax (325) 387-2402
Contact Email mainstreet@sonoratexasrealestate.com
Website http://www.sonoratexasrealestate.com
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Main Street Realty
Janet Lay Real Estate
Office Address
6713 Plainview Dr
San Angelo, TX  76905
Phone 325-374-6873
Contact Email janet@suddenlinkmail.com
Website janetlayrealestate.com
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